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Jeff looked away, eyes dimmed somewhat. Fingers tapped at his knee. A drawn out sigh through the nose. “…I asked for a speech, Seirra. At the very least, a few sentences. If I had liked you any less then I probably wouldn’t hesitate to leave.”

"Maybe forty minutes was too short?…

The neko’s eyes softened as the soldier finished his speech. Slowly and cautiously he rested his hands on the other’s shoulders, afraid that by moving too fast he would break the moment and something would go wrong. He went up on his knees and waddled so that he could face the soldier, and with one careful but smooth movement he had his lips pressed to Seirra’s.

He kept the gentle kiss for what seemed like a long time before he pulled away an inch. His hot breath warmed the air between them, steady golden eyes looking into black irises. As if transfixed by time, the neko held over the soldier and stared at him, as if trying to convey a certain message that words couldn’t capture.

"Of course I won’t, Seirra. Not in a million years."

As the neko’s lips pressed into his, he kissed back, lightly and gently. It filled him with a feeling of completeness, like he was whole. This is where he wanted to be. With Jeff.

When he pulled back, he smiled, happy. “Thanks. I’ll never abandon you. Ever.” he swore, pulling Jeff into a hug and squeezing tightly. He lay his head on Jeff’s shoulder, closing his eyes contently.

"Seirra and Jeff, sitting in a field, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!"

He jumped apart, turning to see his brother, Izer had sneaked up on them.

Jeff had practically gotten himself into battle mode, with how savagely his heart was beating and his stance as he prepared to evade any attack that could have reached him. It took him a few long moments before he realized it was just Izer, and then a few more before he groaned and relaxed his tense muscles.

"B-baka!!! What the hell was that!!" He shouted at the intruder, a heavy blush having settled on his face. Quickly he went to Izer and turned him around and started to push him. "Away! Away with you! Jesus if Seirra’s family is like this I’m having second doubts!"

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Grim meow and hopped out of the tub and curled up “Hnnnn……” He shook the water from himself and flew to a top shelf inside the bathroom.

Kaos lay down on the other still thrust ing deep and slow. The black cat lick Jeff’s nipples, nibbling and sucking on them, he do his…

Grim mew softly then slowly flap his wings letting him descend slowly. The demon pegasus crawl in the tub and shiver, despite warm water and bite on his arm “Th-this treat bet-better be a good one…..this sucks….”

"Well every inch is inside you…" He lift up Jeff’s hind and show his pelvis pressing hard against the others butt "Would you like it if I were to pull out a bit?"

"Well…actually I don’t have anything in mind at all." Rogue grinned as he sat on the edge of the tub, patting Grim’s head. "But if you have a request I can do it for you. Anything really."

Jeff shook his head and gently kissed Kaos’ cheek. “No, it’s perfect. Just don’t go too rough with me, okay?” he asked as he looked up at the older neko, obviously nervous and scared.

"C-can I get outta the tub?" He look at rogue with a glare, although one a child would give when they didn’t get their way "It…..really does suck in here."

Kaos nod and keep his masters butt in within his sight so he could see as his mate gently moved in and out “How does this feel?” The black cat began to push his hips lightly against the young nekos butt and grind there before pulling away and repeating.

"Mm….anything except that. You have to stay inside the bathtub." Rogue chuckled as he kissed Grim’s forehead." Anything else? Like extra pancakes for breakfast or maybe more dessert?"

Jeff held his mouth with both hands and his tail, a quiet and muffled moan escaping him as he watched the older cat moved inside him. “K-Kaos…i-it still feels weird…” he blushed softly, remembeirng their first time.

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Fuck nah.

Nah yo… Fuck that


relax please

lmfaooooo wtf

soccer players never fail to amaze me

I think this Is from Shaolin soccer. The rawest soccer movie ever made

it is, and let’s not forget these gems

I am literally crying right now hahahaha

How do I watch this masterpiece????

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do you ever just listen to someone’s problem and you have nothing to say except “I’m sorry” because there is literally no way for you to help and you get sucked into a vortex of guilt and despair because you are useless 

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"Mm, I need to take a look later, though I think it’s a guy." Jeff said as he patted the little kitten’s head. "C’mon. The sooner we get home the sooner this little kitty can get…

"The reason you love me is because I’m a cat?" he teased as he went around the kitchen and started to prepare a litter box for the kitty.

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Argent just chuckled and patted her head. “Go take a bath now, Tif. Jeff and I’ll follow soon enough.” he smiled as he got out of bed and headed for the kitchen, cracking a few eggs.

She nodded and jumped over jeff before…

"Hmm? Oh. Jeff’s just tired because he was up all night fussing over your stuff." Argent chuckled as he took a few bites of his own breakfast. "He’s really excited too. Just sleepy."

The neko nodded in agreement and sipped more coffee, yawning. “Your clothes are fixed and you have a pencil and a pencil case…and also snacks…”

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"Why is it good", Ciel asked, panting softly with lust.

"At least you know how to ask, right?~" Jeff whispered as he thrusted into Ciel, his hand going around to hold him again and stroke him with both…

"Oh, that’ll be no problem at all, my dear little Ciel…" he whispered darkly into the other’s ear. "The real question is: how many times will you cum before that?" he smirked as he pushed Ciel over against the tub wall and began to brutally fuck him.

Ciel gripped the wall and let out a cry, he almost immediately orgasmed,”Oh God! Kitty!”

"Hmm? What was that? I couldn’t hear you, Ciel." Jeff teased harshly as he continued his thrusting relentlessly, taking one of the younger neko’s ears to nibble and pull at gently. "Do you want me to touch you, Ciel? Wanna feel my soft tail on you?"

"Yes! Please", Ciel begged and rolled his hips back into the rough thrusts,"please, touch me! Make me feel good!"

Jeff slammed himself in and grinded into the boy, using the temporary break to snake his tail through both their legs and wrap around the other’s ignored member. “How does that feel, hmm? The soft fur, the tentacle around you…like it, my dear Ciel?”

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Tessa giggled “I’ll go see if she’s sleeping, you stay here” the little girl snuck off and opened the door, Soul screamed “Tessa!! You’re supposed to knock!!!”

The cat chuckled and nodded, climbing onto Soul’s bed and pawing at a spot until…

She sat a little bowl of milk on the floor for him “this is for you. And yes I’m going to bed” she yawned and crawled under the sheets of her comfy queen sized bed

Jeff’s tail wagged almost like a dog’s as he approached the bowl and started to drink from it. ‘Mm…you have nice milk here.’ he said, then wiped his lips with a paw and jumped up onto the bed. He kneaded the bed before curling up beside her and then yawned. ‘Goodnight, Soul. See you tomorrow.’

She nods. “The chefs have a farm not that far away, so we get fresh milk” Soul yawned and looked to the feline as she pet under his chin “Goodnight Jeff, sweet dreams” she closed her eyes and tried to get comfy

The cat nodded and laid his head on the bed, quickly drifting into sleep with how comfortable everything was in her room.

Without realizing it, it was already morning, though he felt perfectly refreshed. ‘Must have been a dreamless sleep…’ he thought to himself as he stretched himself like any cat would and groomed himself.

Soul was not in her bed by the time he had woke. She was standing over in her fencing gear and grabbing her sword, about to walk out when she saw him “Morning Jeff, you sure slept in”

'Mm…the bed was really comfortable. I didn't think i would wake up.' He chuckled softly as he hopped off the bed and followed at her heels. 'Why didn't you wake me up though?'

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